The 4 simple steps to building a resilient brain

By: Patrick K. Porter, PhD On September 14, 2018, from my brother’s home in Alabama, I watched the television in horror as Hurricane Florence dismantled my hometown of New Bern, North Carolina—the town I had grown to love. Once the storm had passed, and I saw the aftermath on the news, I wondered how we […]

Study of meditation and brain waves in Buddhist monks confounds Wisconsin researchers

Mingyur’s Study In September of 2002, a Tibetan monk by the name of Mingyur Rinpoche traveled from Kathmandu, Nepal to Madison, Wisconsin to let scientists study his brain while he meditated. The monk’s brainwaves were to be measured with a specially designed cap with 256 thin wire sensors applied to the scalp. Mingyur was asked […]

Duke University students and staff learn braintapping during the Duke Week of Wellness

Healthy Duke Duke University has long been considered among the top providers of healthcare in the country, and now they are striving to ensure the campus is among the healthiest organizations as well. To that end, they’ve launched the Healthy Duke initiative to engage students, faculty, and staff, in not only living healthier lives, but also realizing […]

Cancer Treatment Gets a Boost from Braintapping

Cancer. That single word strikes fear in the hearts of almost everyone.  It ranks right up there with war, famine, and other diseases as a deadly horror. People ravaged by this disease are burdened with tension, depression, worry, and sleepless nights.  Worse, the very stress associated with diagnosis and treatment can suppress the immune system […]

The Broken Escalator Phenomenon 

You’re approaching an escalator. You step on, but it’s not moving. There’s a weird feeling in your body, as if you’re moving, even though you’re not, and it throws you off for a moment. What just happened? If you’ve ever wondered what causes that sensation, we have the answer for you. Every time you walk or ride on a moving escalator, your brain learns to expect that […]

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