Cancer Treatment Gets a Boost from Braintapping

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That single word strikes fear in the hearts of almost everyone.  It ranks right up there with war, famine, and other diseases as a deadly horror. People ravaged by this disease are burdened with tension, depression, worry, and sleepless nights.  Worse, the very stress associated with diagnosis and treatment can suppress the immune system and make treatment side effects even worse.

What if it didn’t have to be that way?  Thanks to new research into the benefits of meditation and mindfulness, along with technologies such as the BrainTap headset and the BrainTap audio series Coping with Cancer by Dr. Patrick Porter, cancer patients now have a new weapon in their arsenal.

A New Biology

Today, there is a new biology that directly defines how our thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs create our body’s conditions, ranging from health to disease. According to The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton, only 1 percent of disease is due to genetic defects, the remaining 99 percent is directly attributable to the environment—including the internal mental environment—and our nervous system’s perception of the environment.

Boost Your Immune System

BrainTap is a mind-body healing method that works within this new biology by creating health on the mental level, which in turn produces health on the physical level. Braintapping works by allowing the body to release its own natural neurochemicals via the relaxation response. This bolsters the immune system and gives your body a much-needed boost in the fight against cancer. Braintapping also guides you into deep meditative states, which helps eliminate toxic stress hormones. This system is not a substitute for medical treatment.  It is, however, designed to work in harmony with medical treatment to give patients the best possible outcome.

Aside from working on the mental and physical fronts, the Coping with Cancer series also helps cancer patients let go of the negative thoughts, fear, and anxieties associated with having the disease and regain an attitude of optimism. Instead of feeling helpless in the face of a cancer diagnosis and treatment, the BrainTap sessions assist patients in taking charge of their care and recovery.

With audio sessions like “Rejuvenate Your Body Through Deep Delta Sleep,” “Supercharge Your Immune System”, and “Making Health a Priority and Staying Focused on Wellness,” the Coping with Cancer audio series helps cancer patients tap into their inner courage while they learn to accept the support and love of those around them.

If you or someone you know has cancer, BrainTap offers a Free 14-Day Trial. The Coping with Cancer series is located under the Health category.  Certainly, a cancer diagnosis may be the most frightening moment you ever have to face. It’s not something someone plans, wants or deserves. An unexpected, uncommon situation calls for an unexpected and uncommon solution. That is exactly what tools like BrainTap provide. Not only does this technology give you the power to assist in your healing, it also gives you the strength not to go through your struggle alone. You don’t have to merely survive a cancer diagnosis and treatment.  Now, you have the ability to thrive while regaining your health.  That is a solution worth tapping into.

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