Duke University students and staff learn braintapping during the Duke Week of Wellness

Healthy Duke Duke University has long been considered among the top providers of healthcare in the country, and now they are striving to ensure the campus is among the healthiest organizations as well. To that end, they’ve launched the Healthy Duke initiative to engage students, faculty, and staff, in not only living healthier lives, but also realizing […]

BrainTap Technologies Approved for PTSD Research Project

PTSD Study The team at BrainTap Technologies is excited to announce the approval of a PTSD pilot study by the Institute Review Board. This research study will take place at the University of Kansas Medical Center. The main objective of the pilot study is to reduce the symptoms of PTSD in United States veterans. The […]

What we learned from Dr. Oz…

Wow, these folks made a difference in the lives of 1,841,697 at-risk teens… You’ve heard of the Peace Corps, right? We’ll these guys are like that…but for health. I’m talking about HealthCorps, the non-profit organization founded in 2003 by Dr. Mehmet Oz that’s rocking the world of the millennial generation, giving them the skills they […]

The Truth About Sugar Cravings and What You Can do to Halt Them

Uncontrollable Cravings Most of us have felt that uncontrollable yearning for sweets—that burning desire for cookies, cake, ice cream, or that whole basket of bread. And, when we finally succumb, we devour it in a flash even when we’re not hungry. Why do sweets have such a hold on you? Is being unable to resist […]