BrainTap Technologies Approved for PTSD Research Project

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PTSD Study

The team at BrainTap Technologies is excited to announce the approval of a PTSD pilot study by the Institute Review Board. This research study will take place at the University of Kansas Medical Center.

The main objective of the pilot study is to reduce the symptoms of PTSD in United States veterans. The technique developed by BrainTap Technologies uses light and sound to help with the symptoms of this condition. The research team will implement guided meditation in combination with the BrainTap headset during the trial to see if it has a positive effect on the veterans the University of Kansas Medical Center treats. The audios used in this study were developed by BrainTap Technologies’ own Patrick K. Porter, PhD.

The approval from the Institute Review Board (IRB) is a major step forward. Any time a study is to be conducted involving human subjects, the IRB must approve it. The main idea behind the development of the IRB is to protect the rights and the overall welfare of the human subjects used in these types of studies.

Since its inception, BrainTap Technologies has been concerned with helping individuals achieve their full potential through optimum brain health. With this project, we hope to find a comprehensive solution to the PTSD problem that affects many of this country’s veterans.

Find out more about the technology being used in the study by visiting our website.

About BrainTap Technologies: At BrainTap Technologies, helping people achieve their peak potential through optimum brain health is our main concern. Dr. Patrick Porter has been one of the leading voices in the world of brainwave entrainment technology for the last 25 years. He has also sold more than three million of his self-help books and recordings all over the world.

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