Dr. Porter Shares His Six Tips For Starting Your Day With Success

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Mornings are tough for many of us. The alarm startles us awake.  We groan.  We roll over and wish we had a few more minutes to sleep in.  What if I told you mornings are the best time to set your body and mind up for success?  Your morning ritual can contribute to a day filled with clarity, resilience and energy.  Read on to learn how I personally start my day and gather the tools needed to start your day off right. 

Start Your Day With Success

  • Wake. One of my best tips is to wake up without an alarm.  When you’re jolted out of sleep, you wake up in the fight or flight response.  Some people stay stuck in that state all day, which brings about anxiety, fear and frustration.  The long-term benefits of training your nervous system to awaken on its own schedule are numerous.  You start your day with positive energy in the parasympathetic–read relaxed–state.  This is key to regulating mood and helps you stay focused throughout the day.   If you simply can’t wake up on time this way, use a pleasant-sounding alarm with soft music that slowly increases in volume to gently ease you out of sleep. 
  • Drink. When you first get up, drink a large glass of water.  Your brain shrinks up to three quarters of an inch while you sleep due to dehydration.  Even better:  Add some Celtic sea salt or Himalayan pink salt to the water.  This is not the same as table salt.  Celtic salt and Himalayan pink salt have minerals that replenish the body’s systems and can help you feel refreshed first thing in the morning.
  • Ground. Spending 15 minutes each morning connected to the earth’s energy is one of the best ways to promote brain health, gain energy, reduce inflammation in the body and set the mood for a successful day.  For more information on grounding and its many benefits click HERE.  
  • Move. Before eating breakfast, do some moving and stretching.  Exercise is one of the best things you can do in the morning.  Research shows that 20 minutes of exercise first thing is equivalent to 60 minutes later in the day.  This is because the circulating sugar in your bloodstream is used for energy, causing your body to tap into your fat stores setting your body up to burn fat all day.  This is also good for your brain. You can incorporate simple stretching, breathing techniques, yoga or tai chi.  These are all ways to introduce gentle movement into your daily routine. 
  • If you have a mindfulness practice such as BrainTap, take ten minutes and engage your brain in a morning session.  This will set you up for success by rebooting your brain and giving you energy and focus to get through your tasks.  Hearing positive affirmations first thing in the morning put you in the right mindset to achieve any goal you set for yourself. 
  • Again, before your morning coffee, make sure you’ve re-hydrated your body and brain.  Have a green drink in the morning.  It will give you the nutrients you need for energy and vitality throughout the day.  Eat fresh, whole foods so your body and brain are fed for success.  For more tips on the top brain foods click HERE.

These are the steps I take every morning to start my day.  Your morning routine influences the way the rest of your day might go.  If you start cranky, not well rested and jolted awake, your day can and probably will continue on that path, which leads to fatigue, lack of energy and stress.  Conversely, if you start your day in a positive way feeling awake, alive and centered, you can better handle the stress that will inevitably be thrown at you and enjoy your day more.  

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