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As the world stays home, we’ve seen some huge changes in our environment.  We’ve seen the canals in Italy clear, the skies clean over big cities and we’ve even seen holes in the ozone close.  The earth is a remarkable healer. But, have you ever thought about how the earth can be instrumental in helping you heal?  Not only does the earth provide food and water for us, it also nurtures us with its energy. We just need to learn how to tap into that energy to benefit from it. One of the most beneficial ways we can do that is through grounding.

Why Get Grounded?

Grounding is also called earthing. This is a technique that involves participating in activities that ground or reconnect you to the earth. Grounding is not a new thing. It’s extremely simple and it’s been practiced in many cultures for thousands of years.  Our human immune system remembers a time when our ancestors were in virtual constant contact with the earth. As we evolved, we developed technologies that have separated us from the earth–and as a result in recent decades the rise of chronic disease, allergies, autoimmune conditions, and insomnia have grown increasingly troublesome. Remembering to reconnect with the earth could be one way to solve some of these issues.

This is especially important information to have now while we’re spending so much time at home. Generally, our houses are made with materials such as wood, tile, and carpet.  These materials all separate us from the earth’s energy.  The shoes we wear shoes contain rubber and plastic, which do the same thing.  We feel anxious and uptight due to our current conditions. We don’t get outside as much as we should and that can leave us feeling unhealthy because we’re disconnected from the earth’s energy.

Healing with the Earth’s Power

When we take the time to make direct contact with the earth, we feel balanced, restored, and our health benefits. Chronic inflammation is caused by free radicals. When you make direct contact with the earth by something as simple as walking barefoot in your yard, electrons from the earth enter your body and destroy those free radicals. Our body innately knows how much energy from electrons to absorb from the earth to bring us back into balance. We use electrons in all our metabolic processes including cellular production.  If you’re grounding yourself on a regular basis, you’re keeping your tank full; and when your body is in balance you cannot have things like inflammation, the cause of the most common chronic diseases.

Sound too good to be true? Check out the over 20 peer reviewed research studies from grounding expert Clint Ober’s website by clicking here.  This graphic also shows the reduction in inflammation after just four days of using grounding techniques.

How do you Ground yourself?

There are many options for getting grounded and they’re very simple.  Here are a few ways you can practice grounding for health benefits.

  • Go barefoot. Just walk outside in your yard.  You cannot ground yourself on asphalt, vinyl or wood.  They don’t conduct energy.  You can ground yourself in grass, sand, gravel, rock or concrete.  Moist surfaces conduct more energy than dry ones do, so a walk in the grass in the morning while the dew is still fresh is optimal.
  • Lay down. In the same way going barefoot connects you to the earth, laying down in the grass or on the sand will also connect you to the earth’s energy.  Just be sure to choose a place that is safe and free from anything that can hurt you.
  • Take a dip. Swimming in a clear lake or the ocean is a great way to experience grounding.
  • Use Grounding Equipment. Sometimes being out in nature isn’t something we can do.  If you live in an urban area where there is no easily accessible grass or water, you can utilize indoor grounding equipment such as grounding mats, blankets or sheets.

The Bottom Line

There isn’t much research into the grounding movement yet, but what there is, is very promising.  Grounding has helped people with conditions such as chronic fatigue, pain, anxiety and depression, sleep issues, and high blood pressure. And while science catches up to what your body already knows, no one can dispute that getting outside and taking some time for yourself never hurt anyone.

If you’d like more information on grounding, watch the Earthing movie trailer here.

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