Yes, You Can Achieve Mind-Over-Menopause!

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Effects of Menopause

For women, mid-life can be a perplexing time of discomfort, uncertainty and confusion. The body’s response to decreased hormone production creates physical and mental symptoms that can be hard to manage, with mood swings, hot flashes, insomnia, and weight gain topping the list. The good news is, menopause symptoms can be lessened, and middle-aged women can reclaim their health and vitality, without hormone replacement. All it takes is giving oneself the gift of a little extra time and attention each day.

According to The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, an estimated 6,000 US women reach menopause every day. By the year 2020, the number of women older than 55 will top 46 million. A major concern of women today is the physical symptoms of menopause, but those can pale in comparison to the emotional anxiety and depression often suffered by women as they come to terms with loss of fertility and youth.

Sadly, many otherwise happy marriages fall apart under menopause’s grip as wives struggle to deal with their changing bodies and husbands get lost in the emotional rollercoaster, wondering, as one perplexed husband stated, “Who is this woman, and what did she do with the happy, loving woman I married?”


Fortunately, today’s women can empower themselves to overcome these negative emotions and thoughts and alleviate other dreaded symptoms–hot flashes, night sweats, itchy skin, mood swings, lost libido and headaches, so that restful sleep, increased energy, and weight control become their new future.

Stress – A Major Contibutor

There is no question that stress—both chronic and acute—is a major contributing factor to menopausal symptoms. For instance, a triggering of the fight-or-flight response, the body’s natural survival mechanism, can instantly initiate a hot flash. A day filled with back-to-back stressful events—heavy traffic, missed deadlines, perpetual email, a run-in with your boss, or disagreement with your spouse—can cause an imbalance in brain wave activity that would keep even the best sleeper pacing the floors into the wee hours.

Controlling Stress

The trick lies in taking the time each day for the rest-and-recovery interludes your brain craves between the high-performance phases of your day, and especially after stress has taken its toll. The practices of yoga and mindfulness are both recognized for their calming and balancing effect, and both are recommended for menopause relief.  Today, BrainTapping is proving to be a faster, easier way to reclaim balance in body and mind. With its Neuro-Encoding™ for harmonizing brain wave activity, combined with the masterful guided visualizations that bring tranquility to an anxious mind, BrainTap is a done-for-you approach that does away with the need for disciplined practice. When you combine a healthy diet and an appropriate exercise routine with yoga, mindfulness, or BrainTapping, you’ll be well on your way to a positive and transformational menopause experience, minus those tiresome symptoms.

No one can stop menopause. You can, however, cope with the physical and emotional symptoms of this momentous change in your life. Whether you feel overwhelmed by the physical or the emotional aspects of menopause, or both, BrainTapping can help you regain balance and thrive during this new season in your life. In fact, we recommend this series for nearly every menopausal woman, and especially for those attempting to take off those unexpected and unwanted mid-life pounds.

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