Why People Everywhere Love BrainTapping!

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As I paced through the aisles of the busy trade show, I heard the fragments of a conversation. “Have you tried the BrainTap?” I heard. “Yes, I’ve never been so relaxed!”

BrainTap Technology

Everyone was talking about BrainTap Technology, so I had to find their booth and give it a try. Soon I saw a large group gathered in front of a massive backdrop that said, “Energy Oasis: Powered by BrainTap Technologies.” I moved through the crowd to the front of the booth and saw eight reclining chairs filled with people, all deeply relaxed right in the middle of a noisy trade show. They had on headphones with visors covering their eyes. The visors flickered with blue light, like something out of a sci-fi movie. I needed to know more. “What is BrainTap?” I asked. The BrainTap rep replied, “BrainTap is light and sound technology that works to balance the brain. In a twenty-minute BrainTap session, you get a boost in the feel-good chemicals in your brain. You are gently guided through a sleep cycle, and upon waking most people feel a surge of energy and a positive shift in overall wellbeing.” This all sounded amazing, so I signed up to try Braintapping for myself.

As I waited impatiently for my turn to come, I watched person after person get in the chair looking either stressed or exhausted only to get up from the chair appearing relaxed and stress-free. Finally, it was my turn. As I was ushered to a vacant chair, my heart fluttered with excitement. I was instructed that my only job was to sit back, close my eyes and relax. I then placed the headset over my ears and lowered the visor over my eyes and the chair was reclined back for me.

The light began to gently flicker blue and then grew as gentle music washed over me. In the comfort of the chair, I felt myself begin to drift. The noise of the trade show became a faint hum in the distance. A voice began to speak. “Hello, this is Dr. Patrick Porter…” With every breath, I became more and more relaxed.

This was different. My body felt light, almost as if I were floating on a wave. It’s a difficult sensation to describe. All I know is I felt all the tension in my body release and I became more and more relaxed and comfortable. I was on the edge of sleep–without actually being asleep–all while enjoying the ultimate light show, which guided me even further into relaxation.

The symphony began to slow and the lights came to a stop. I opened my eyes, sheltered from the visor. I sat there for a moment and then pushed the visor above my eyes and was greeted by the sound and movement of the trade show I had forgotten about. I sat forward in my chair and the BrainTap rep and asked how I felt. The only thing I could think to say was, “I feel like a wet noodle.”

He then advised me to walk around and be mindful of how I was feeling and invited me to come back and do another session later. As I walked away, I was struck by how refreshed I felt. I felt that I had just woken up from the best nap of my life. Feeling full of energy, I walked back through the trade show with an open mind and a new belief in the power of braintapping.

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