Tired? Common Reasons Why and Ten Ways to Fix It

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Increasing numbers of people report being overly tired. According to the NY Post, 42% of Americans are tired by noon every day and 65% said they don’t wake up rested and refreshed. 74% of Americans reported this fatigue affects their productivity.   

Many factors contribute to a lack of energy. 

Recognizing lifestyle habits that may contribute to your feelings of fatigue is the first step towards fixing the problem.  We’ve researched some of the top reasons you may feel tired.

Causes of Lack of Energy

Lack of proper sleep. It’s hard to get the recommended 7-9 hours of good quality sleep these days. We’re constantly distracted by phones, TV, and the internet, but getting the proper amount and type of sleep is crucial to preventing fatigue.

Lack of proper nutrition. Not getting enough B vitamins, iron, vitamin C, or Vitamin D can all contribute to a feeling of fatigue. Making sure you have a well-rounded diet will help eliminate the fatigue associated with a poor diet.

Stress. When you let stress and anxiety overwhelm you, your body responds in kind, and you’ll feel tired. That’s because your body is busy fighting those stress hormones and can’t give you energy

Lack of exercise. If you don’t move, your body will get tired more easily.

Medical conditions. Suppose none of the above seem to be the cause, and you are overly tired. In that case, you should check with your physician to rule out any underlying medical conditions.

We all feel that midafternoon slump from time to time. Sometimes we wake up more tired than when we went to bed. Most of the time, those feelings are attributed to our lifestyle choices and habits. However, the lack of energy can also extend to your brain. When you feel like your brain is slower than usual or you’re experiencing brain fog, it can be a drain on your physical energy and you need to find ways to boost your energy levels back up.

Ten Ways to Get an Energy Boost

Exercise. If you lack energy, you may need to work your body more—as counterintuitive as that sounds. Exercise releases chemicals in the body that boost mood and energy, revitalizing your energy stores. For the best exercises to increase energy, click HERE now.

Find Direction. A lack of direction in your life can sap your energy. Having plans to look forward to or a map of where your life is going can boost your energy. Find meaningful activities to participate in. Plan a trip. Get a hobby. For a list of 23 energy-boosting hobbies you can try, check out THIS article.

Eat Right. We’ve all had the sugar crash. The foods we eat directly influence if we have sustainable energy or lack thereof. Overeating or eating junk foods causes a lack of energy after the initial rush from sugar. Opting for live, healthy, vibrant foods such as THESE are your best bet to keep your energy levels high

Sleep Well. Too much or too little sleep will zap your energy. Getting a poor quality of sleep also drains you. Having a good sleep hygiene routine and allowing your body time for adequate rest is one of the best ways to increase energy all day. For napping tips to help you nap effectively, click HERE.

Reduce Stress. Stress is one of the biggest drains on your energy stores. Relaxation techniques that help you deal with stress overload, such as meditation, yoga, and breathing exercises, are helpful tools in the battle against stress. BrainTap is a valuable tool in the battle against daily stress.  Use it daily to feel more calm throughout your day.  For more on relieving your stress, check out THIS blog.

Cut Caffeine Intake. While caffeine will give you an initial burst of energy, too much caffeine or caffeine late in the day will interfere with your sleep and decrease your stamina. Limit your coffee breaks to the morning so you can sleep at night and keep your energy boosted. Need proof? Check out THIS article on three ways coffee decreases energy. If you still need a boost in the morning after having your cup of joe, we recommend doing a BrainTap AM session such as Infinite Energy or Positive Start for what we call a digital cup of coffee and a brain boost.

Just Say No. One of the biggest energy thieves is our lack of time. We overload our schedules to the point where we’re exhausted at the end of the day. Cut down on your list of to-dos and learn to say no when appropriate. The world has never ended because you said no to yet another potluck dinner or night out invitation. If you are someone who struggles with saying no, check out THIS article on tips for saying no when you need to.

Limit Alcohol. Moderate drinking is okay but consuming too much alcohol is a natural energy zapper. You will not only feel tired and sluggish the next day but drinking alcohol close to bedtime interrupts your sleep patterns, so you are much more tired in the morning.

HydrateThis should be simple, but although we all know we should get at least eight cups of water a day, we still struggle with it. If you’re dehydrated, one of the first signs is a lack of energy. Water ensures your body has everything it needs to power through the day, and water is key to optimal brain function. For tips on getting the water you need daily, click HERE.


BrainTap. You already know that BrainTap improves sleep, so you’ll naturally have more energy. Still, by improving your brain activity, your body runs more efficiently and with more energy each time you listen to a session. For more on the science behind BrainTap, click HERE.

When we lack energy, and our body is tired, we think less clearly, and it takes us longer to finish our daily tasks. Then we can find ourselves in a vicious cycle of being tired, lacking motivation and energy, and continuing unhealthy habits. The simple tips above will help you think better, sleep better and perform better, giving you boundless energy every day.

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