The Power of Imagination

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When you’re born, your brain immediately begins to develop based on the interactions you have with your environment.  By branching out and making connections as you experience the world around you, the neurons in your brain are actually recording your experiences and making memories.  What this means is that as you develop the ability to remember the past, you are also developing the ability to reflect upon and imagine the future.

Research has shown that there are remarkable similarities in brain activity whether you’re remembering an event that actually happened or imagining an event.  The exact same areas of the brain are activated during these two tasks.  The ability to travel through time in your mind backward or forward lies at the heart of what makes us humans.  We are concerned about tomorrow because we remember yesterday and this allows us to create a plan for a better future.

Power Of Creativity

That also gives us the power of creativity and problem solving. What a great tool that is in creating change in our lives.  The BrainTap Technology Headset and the audio sessions contained in our On Demand Library are key components in the connection between real and imagined events.  You have an amazing capacity to imagine your way into the future you desire because the brain doesn’t know the difference between real or imagined.  Simply by thinking about a task or a habit change you want to make, your brain thinks it has been done and you’ve created a new pathway that makes change easier than ever.

Create The Changes You Want

Utilizing the powerful positive messages in our On Demand Library of audio sessions, you can create the changes you want to make, simply by thinking about them in the correct way!  What could be easier than that?  For more information on the BrainTap Headset and to find out how you can access the On Demand Library FREE for seven days visit >  We have 2000+ valuable brain balancing audio sessions, each perfectly designed to help you imagine your way into a brighter future.

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