The history of BrainTap Tech – a look into how it all began

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The Story of BrainTap

“Growing up the son of an alcoholic was the greatest blessing of my life,” says Dr. Patrick Porter, founder of BrainTap Technologies, a company with a mission no less audacious than Empowering Humanity.

His goal started in the 70s, long before stress was the devastating malady it is today, when Porter’s father, in one of many desperate attempts to conquer his alcohol addiction, attended an AA-sponsored relaxation seminar and learned how to calm his racing mind. It worked so well, he decided to teach it to his nine children.

“At age 12, I was a struggling student and storied troublemaker,” says Porter, “but I dreamed of being a great football player. Sports is how my dad got me hooked on his method. That year, I recorded my first visualization on a cassette recorder and used it for myself daily. I went on to become a three-sport captain in track, wrestling and football, and an honor-roll student.”

Patrick K. Porter, Ph.D. has since been on the leading edge of personal performance technology and is an expert at teaching people to lead a stress-free lifestyle. He is the author of six books, including his popular Thrive in Overdrive, How to Navigate Your Overloaded Lifestyle, and he and his technology has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, People, Entrepreneur, and INC magazines and on ABC, NBC, CBS and the Discovery Channel. He is head of mind-based studies at the International Quantum University of Integrative Medicine and is a licensed master trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

The Science of Brain Wave Entrainment

Back in the 70’s, when Dr. Porter’s father initially learned how to relax and overcome his alcoholism, he used audio tones that match the brain wave state between 7 and 13 hertz called alpha. This is the state nearly all meditation programs try to achieve, and recordings featuring these sounds have recently become quite popular, but there are limits. “When the brain is at peak performance, all brain waves are engaged to some extent, something like a symphony, so it doesn’t make sense to put all our attention on a singular frequency,” Porter says, “My thought was, let’s get that symphony perfectly tuned.”   

In 1986, Porter was introduced to the concept of brain wave synchronization through both light and sound. It’s also when a major breakthrough in electronics occurred with the invention of the memory chip, which retains data even when there is no power supply.

The EPROM chip allowed Porter’s team to synchronize light with sound and store the algorithms on a device for repeated use. This first device was the MC2 (M-C-Square), and it was the world’s first personal light-and-sound device for brainwave entrainment. “This discovery allowed us to introduce to the world a new technology that takes the brain to the optimum state for restoring that symphony while the person simply relaxes.”

In 1989, we introduced the MC2 at the Consumer Electronics Show in Chicago, and the reception we received was phenomenal, culminating in our earning the ‘Best New Gadget of Year’ award.”

Porter also came to realize that what people thought about while in the super brain states he was creating greatly affected the outcome. “If your best thinking brought you to where you are and it’s not working, then what needs to change is your thinking”, Porter says. He calls this the Einstein factor because, as Einstein said, you can’t solve the problem with the same thinking that created it. You must shift to solution thinking, then return to the problem with the solution in mind, which is a necessary step in creating new brain circuits.

The addition of guided visualization, using Porter’s background in psychology and as a master trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), brought it all together. “When we added guided visualization to the light and sound mix, people started making profound changes in short periods of time—sometimes after a single session.”

Dr. Porter uses a method of visualization he calls transformational thinking. “The first brain circuit that needs to change is the belief that you are a behavior,” he says. Even though the first law of psychology states you cannot be a behavior, many people use this kind of language all the time. As an example, people refer to themselves as “a smoker” all the time, and because of this belief, under stress, the first choice will be a cigarette. For others, it might be something different like food, alcohol, or whatever they believe is relief.

“We’ve known for decades that beliefs are ruled by emotion, and what science now knows is that brain circuits are triggered by emotion. In fact, many brain circuits are only available in a specific emotional state,” Porter adds.

Most people try to change beliefs with conscious effort or force of will. The problem is the conscious mind only controls 2 percent of the brain. The change needs to take place in the other 98 percent that’s really running the show. Attempting to access those brain circuits in the reactionary state of mind known as beta, 14 to 40 hertz, will likely only trigger an emotional response that can set off the very behavior we’re attempting to change.

This is where meditation and relaxation techniques really accelerate in transforming a person’s thinking.

The Future of BrainTap

Dr. Porter has been the established leader in brain wave entrainment using light, sound, and vibration for three decades, making enhancements as new technologies came available. Today, the BrainTap Pro mobile app and the BrainTap headset enhance brain function in two ways—balancing brain wave activity and activating the brain’s neuroplasticity. He is confident that, with this combination, we can all achieve a stress-free state of mind and reach our full potential.

With stress-related health and lifestyle issues at an all-time high, BrainTap is emerging as the world leader in digital health and wellness. “In 2018, we’re focusing on bringing the most engaging content to our mobile subscription service,” Porter says. 

While stress has reached epidemic proportions, Dr. Porter’s message is clear—no one has to succumb to this silent killer. There are quick and easy solutions that can free us from its grasp that don’t involve medications or strict routines. This is one reason why BrainTap focuses everything they do around the company mission of empowering humanity. “We want to bring awareness to the endless possibilities of transformational thinking for every aspect of a person’s life. To accomplish a goal, whether small or large, gives strength to a wavering mind. by allowing positive thought and confidence in, and pushing doubt and negative thoughts out.”

With over 700 programs, BrainTap is quickly becoming an amazing component to people’s daily wellness routine, and over 1500 health clinics worldwide recommend BrainTap to address the stress component of health and wellness.

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