Take a Creative Mind Walk with BrainTap and Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby

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Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby is one of the most innovative physicians because he doesn’t buy into the myth that there is a magic pill that can fix everything. Instead, he began researching alternative medicine shortly after receiving his degree in medicine; while on his journey he discovered the power of the mind and its role in our overall health.  

The bulk of Dr. Scott-Mumby’s work focuses on how food allergies affect our physical and emotional health. He’s written and lectured extensively on the subject. He’s also a much-published author on various aspects of diet and health.  

His latest venture is author and artist on our very own BrainTap Pro App. He has recorded eight audio sessions entitled Creative Mind Walks. These audio sessions encourage you to relax, let go, and allow yourself to travel to magical places in your mind to gain insights into forgiveness, love, health, and gratitude. Read on to learn about the audio sessions in 

Creative Mind Walks:

Avalon – Allow your mind to travel to Avalon where King Arthur came from. This place doesn’t have to be real. You can simply allow yourself to travel to another dimension.

Forgiveness Process – Many people have a fixed idea that forgiving someone excuses them for what they did. With this meditation, you will learn the power of forgiveness. You will learn to humble yourself and let go.

Goodness Meditation – What if you were remembered for your worst act? What impression would you leave? In this session, you will rewrite the past and focus on what is moral and good.

Gratitude Process – Expressing gratitude releases the hold pain may have on our hearts and minds. You will be encouraged to list five things you are grateful for daily. You will focus on positivity to change your perspective on life.  

Journey to Atlantis – You will journey to the famous lost world known as Atlantis, a peaceful location where you can escape the stress most of us encounter in today’s world. You will be able to take something positive away from this journey.

Love Process – Love is not something we give, we get or we do. It is what we are. You will learn to embrace this truth and take a journey in the pursuit of love and happiness.  

Tour of the Universe – You will shut out the world and focus within. You will journey around the universe and open up your mind and soul to travel beyond the body.

Finding Gaia – Go on a great mind adventure to connect with Gaia or mother Earth.  

If you’re ready to go on a creative journey in your mind and experience the healing power of love, forgiveness, and gratitude in your life, these audio sessions are for you! Check them out in the Power User Access section of the BrainTap Pro App.   

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