Sugar Identified as a Top Cause of the Surge in Cancer

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Over-Consumption Of Sugar

According to recent research, sugar can be blamed for a multitude of disease–and it doesn’t stop just at obesity.  40% of US healthcare expenditures are used to treat diseases directly related to the over-consumption of sugar.  We spend more than $1 TRILLION each year fighting the damaging health effects of sugar–which runs the gamut from obesity to diabetes to heart disease and now cancer.  These numbers are staggering and so easily changed with a change in our minds and diets.

Obesity And Cancer

The fact that sugar and obesity are linked to an increased risk of cancer is now becoming well-recognized. According to a report on the global cancer burden, published in 2014, obesity is responsible for an estimated 500,000 cancer cases (such as colon, rectum, ovary, and uterine cancers) worldwide each year and are scheduled to increase greatly in the next 20 years.

Sugar promotes cancer and other chronic disease in the body by causing dysfunction.  Sugar is not our body’s best fuel source, so it doesn’t burn cleanly in the body.  It generates free radicals which causes damage to our cells.  Increased sugar in the body causes an inflammation reaction which also promotes cancer.  Thus, by continually overeating more than your body needs, especially of refined foods and sugars, we are promoting insulin resistance which is at the heart of most disease, including cancer.

Cancer Cells Thrive On Sugar

One of the most powerful strategies I know of to avoid disease is to starve the damaged cells by depriving them of their food sources–primarily sugar.  Unlike healthy cells in your body–which can burn carbs, protein and fat for fuel–diseased cells such as cancer cells can only thrive if there is enough sugar present.  There are several easy ways to combat this epidemic.  Intermittent fasting as well as limiting consumption of sugary, processed foods greatly reduces your risks and increases your longevity.

It’s important to consume REAL foods, as most of the added sugars in our diet comes from processed food.  You can cut back on the amount of sugar you’re adding to foods and drinks as well.  Replace your sugar intake with natural sweeteners. And, to help you break your unhealthy habits, I highly recommend you listen to the BrainTap Technologies On Demand Library of audio titles, especially those centering around nutrition such as “Developing Positive Eating Patterns,” and “Stay Fit Through Healthy Eating Patterns.”  These audio sessions and all of the audio sessions contained in our On Demand Library are designed to help you live your healthiest life naturally and easily.

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Don’t let today’s lifestyle wreak havoc on your health.  You can re-train your brain to release the negative thoughts, habits and beliefs that are holding you back easily and naturally.  You can make the best choices to keep you healthy and happy for a long, long time.  It’s as easy as sitting back, relaxing and letting your mind do the work for you.

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