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It’s a pretty common refrain – “I can’t function till I’ve had my cup of coffee.” There are mugs, t-shirts, and memes that all say it. We need that jolt of caffeine in the morning to get going. While caffeine in and of itself isn’t dangerous like other drugs can be, it’s not good for your body or your mind to feel like you “need” a substance to function properly and addiction to caffeine is a real thing with real physical symptoms.

Are You Addicted?

Caffeine is in soda, coffee, energy drinks, teas and even in foods like waffles and chocolate. That makes it really easy to consume too much and get addicted. So how do you know if you’re addicted? You might get that headache or be cranky in the morning before that first cup of coffee hits your system. Caffeine stimulates the dopamine receptors in our brains. If we don’t get that hit in the morning, it can cause headaches and mood swings.

Sometimes you feel like you can’t get focused without having that burst of caffeine in your blood. If you don’t get a boost, you may have brain fog or trouble concentrating. And once you’ve gotten used to a certain amount of caffeine daily, you’ll need more and more to produce the same results. You may even find that you’re frequently on edge or have the jitters. Caffeine can cause anxiety and lead to panic attacks in some people. If you’re finding yourself more anxious than usual, you may need to cut back.

The number one way you can determine if you have a caffeine addiction is when you feel like you just can’t bear to skip a day. If the thought of not having that steaming cup of joe freaks you out a little bit, you are probably addicted to the caffeine.

A Better Alternative

So, if caffeine addiction is bad for your body, what can you do to get the same benefits without the negative side effects? Use the BrainTap Headset in conjunction with one of our AM audio sessions. This is what I call digital coffee and it provides all the benefits you’re looking for from the caffeine and more–without all the negatives. Starting your day with an AM session on your BrainTap headset is a great way to set your day up for success. These sessions are designed to give you concentration, focus, and energy and keep your motivation going all day long–all with the positive side effects a BrainTap session gives such as balanced brainwaves and relaxation.

For more information on the AM audio sessions (located in the Lifestyle section) and all 2000+ brain wave balancing audio sessions¬†we offer, visit and go to the Audio Session Library. Don’t forget you can also sign up for a free 14-day subscription to our On Demand Library by visiting

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