Learn how to CHOOSE your responses to stress…and a create a virtually stress-free lifestyle!

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Famed psychiatrist Viktor Frankl once said, “Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies growth and freedom.”

Choose Your Response To Stressful Situations

In order to grow and change, we must be able to choose our responses to stressful situations. When we are fully present and have clarity, we also have coherence. Coherence gives us an efficient mind-body state, increased vitality, inspired concentration and memory, greater emotional and physical resilience, decreased anxiety, and improved sleep. Having coherence makes everything in our lives better and puts us back in homeostasis. It is an ideal way to navigate life. But how do we get there?

Positive emotions are the most effective and efficient reset button for the cardiovascular and autonomic nervous systems to restore homeostasis. Remember, emotions are a choice and not simply a reaction.

Breathing For Stress

The first thing that can help is deep breathing. You must oxygenate the brain and can do so easily by breathing in through your nose deeply and out through your mouth from the diaphragm. Oxygenating the brain creates a more relaxed state naturally. You should be exhaling twice as long as you inhale because inhalation stimulates the sympathetic (calming) system and exhalation stimulates the parasympathetic (excitatory) system.

Other simple things we can do that can help create coherence include taking a relaxing stroll, being in nature, enjoying a good belly laugh, and cultivating love in our lives. All of these are easy, natural ways to dissipate stress and neutralize it.

In order to have coherence, one must have brain balance. In brain science, it’s a well-known fact that, when the body is under stress, part of the brain shuts down. One of the two sides of the brain*, either the right or the left, will cease to function properly when under stress.

Take this quick test to find out which side of your brain stays active under stress

  1. Stand up and balance on one foot (make sure you are in a safe place and have something to hold onto if needed)
  2. Make a circle in the air with the raised foot
  3. Continue making the circle until you’ve got your balance and rhythm going
  4. Now use your index finger to write your name in the air

Could you do it?

The goal is to continue making circles with your foot while writing your name at the same time, but almost no one can do it!

If you couldn’t write your name or your hand started doing circles, your right brain is dominant, and your creative side is more in control.  If you found you could write your name, but your leg started to kick out and back instead of going circular, you’re probably more left brain dominant.

Your Brain – Left or Right

Either way, when under stress, will have access to only your dominant brain. Those who are right brain dominant often find they can’t focus or will make emotional choices, such as eating a pint of ice cream. Those who are left brain dominant will often get irritated or angry and will feel as if they have only one choice for dealing with whatever is stressing them, and often it’s not a good one. Neither of these states is effective, nor will they provide coherence.

If one side of your brain is more dominant, this tells us that you need to train your two brains to work together. You can do things such as martial arts, play a musical instrument, or practice yoga. These activities are all whole-brain activities.

Balance Your Brain

BrainTapping is designed to balance the brain whenever one side is dominant over the other. The side that needs to be worked on is the dormant side. Can you imagine how much better you would be able to think, act, and respond in stressful situations if you trained your brain to stay active and balanced when under stress, at the moment clear thinking is needed most?

People have every right to feel how they want to feel, but our job is to educate our community and help you understand that feeling lousy and stressed out all the time is not normal. If you don’t change your belief system or retrain your brain to work at peak performance, nothing in your life is going to change. Without brain balance, you’ll keep doing the same things you’ve been doing and getting the same results you’ve been getting.

If you’ve been exposed to too much stress for too long, it’s vital that you shake things up by training your brain to be balanced. This is what we specialize in with BrainTap. There is a big difference between napping and relaxing with a BrainTap session. When you fall asleep, you’re not changing anything. When you start to challenge the brain through BrainTap’s neuro-encoding™, you can change old beliefs and patterns and liberate your mind. Give it a try with a 15-Day Trial. The Life Mastery series is a great place to start. You’ll find it in the Lifestyle category. For best results, be sure to listen to the Dual Voice version of the session. Email us at contact@braintap.com and let us know how you do!

*Note: Recent brain studies show that either side of the brain can create the characteristics of both right and left brain dominance. When we discuss right/left brain dominance, we are referring to a set of characteristics (i.e right brain creativity or left brain logic), not necessarily the biological left/right side of the brain.

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