Resolutions That Are Attainable and Impactful

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Already a week into the new year, and you may be feeling like you are crushing your new year’s goals. Or, if you’re like the only 92 percent of the population, you may be needing a little help. If you are looking for some resolutions for your health that are both attainable and impactful, take a look at some of our suggestions.

Woman pondering and writing resolutions
Consider your resolutions for the new year, and keep them attainable and impactful for your life.

The Power of Setting Goals

Did you know that writing out a goal makes you 1.2 to 1.4 times more likely to accomplish it? And having someone to report your goal to exceeds that number even more. Mark Murphy, senior contributor to Forbes, wrote that, “Vividly describing your goals in written form is strongly associated with goal success, and people who very vividly describe or picture their goals are anywhere from 1.2 to 1.4 times more likely to successfully accomplish their goals than people who don’t.” Whatever your resolutions for this year may be, be sure to write them down—and better yet, share them with someone who can keep you accountable. You want to be even more confident in accomplishing your goals? Place them where you can see them every day for added motivation.

Man checking heart rate on watch
Change your heart rate to maintain a healthy body and mindset.

Resolutions That Will Last

  • Drink more water. Stay hydrated, friends! Water is one of the best ways to get both your brain and body to be functioning at top tier. Get a reusable water bottle and write out how many times you will fill it up each day.
  • Create and maintain boundaries. If 2020 taught us anything, it was being consistently overwhelmed is a quick way to burnout. Set aside some time to reflect on your boundaries—and stick to them. Some questions you may consider: How late will I allow myself to work? Who will I allow into the details of my life? How often will I check social media?
  • Change your heart rate. A wise spin instructor once said, “Change your heart rate, change your life.” Getting your heart rate up has been proven to decrease heart disease, diabetes, and strokes. Focus on getting your body moving doing something you enjoy, whether it’s the gym, skateboarding, surfing, skiing, dancing, or rock climbing.
  • Practice mindfulness at least once a day. At a time that works for you, dedicate a part of your day to mindfulness, like BrainTap. Living a more mindful life will help you in all aspects of your life as you find more peace, clarity, and productivity for your day.
Photo of woman looking to the future
Looking forward to the new year.

Making 2021 a Better Year

As we learned in 2020, much of life is out of our control. However, when we discover the aspects of our lives that we can control, we can create a better year and a better life for ourselves. Rather than creating a list of resolutions that will only add to the stress of the year, set resolutions that will help you feel more in control of your life by creating habits out of your goals. Studies show it takes 21 days to make a habit, and we want to help you in that journey for this new year. Join us in our social media challenge to use BrainTap once a day for the next 21 days. Follow us on social for more details in the coming days!

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Follow us on social media to join us in the challenge, starting January 11.

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