Our Five Steps to Gaining Clarity

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Our lives are full of distractions. Distractions can cause confusion and doubt and leave us feeling uncertain about which direction to go in. Daily pressure makes it difficult to focus our thinking, but it’s not an impossible task. Imagine a life free of distractions and confusion, being able to concentrate with laser focus. Learning to improve mind clarity will help your life become easier to manage.

When you gain clarity, you become attuned to what your body needs and how to deliver it. To attain clarity, you need to remove the excess in your life and rid yourself of unimportant and unnecessary things. Distractions only serve to divert your attention from what’s really important. Getting clear on what matters most to you and getting rid of the leftovers is important.

One of the things preventing us from having clarity is the mind chatter we experience daily. Our minds like to be in control of everything we do–until we override that control and remind ourselves to stay present in the moment. That takes conscious effort at first, but eventually can become a habit. Even the simple act of realizing you’re not being present, returns us to the present so be persistent and soon you’ll have the peace you need to focus on your goals.

Five Tips for Gaining Clarity:

1. Figure out what matters. This is a big one. If you don’t know where you want to go, how are you going to get there? Once you focus on what matters to you, you can get rid of what doesn’t. Write your mission statement and focus on what you really want.

2. Eliminate Distractions. How many times have you been focusing on a task and hear a phone ping? 15 minutes later we’re still looking at our phones, the task forgotten. Recovery from distractions takes time away from what we really need and want to be focusing on. If you can’t resist your phone, turn off notifications until your tasks are done. Once you realize how important it is to do the things that matter, it is easy to eliminate those things that don’t help us reach our goals.

3. Meditate. We talk about this one a lot, but meditation is one of the best ways to quiet your mind and focus on what’s important to you. It brings you into this moment so you can focus on your goals, lower your stress and realize your dreams. Taking a 20-minute brain break with BrainTap can really up your meditation game. The Essentials Collection in our BrainTap Pro app features a Find Clarity bundle to help you reduce brain fog, improve your focus and help you remain in the present moment. Check it out HERE.

4. Experiment. Sometimes we’re not sure what our goals are or the best way to achieve them. We don’t know what we don’t know. Eliminating distractions for periods of time will also help you determine which distractions you actually need and which ones you can live without. The important thing is to not become rigid in your thinking. Experimenting is a great way to discover new things.

5. Challenge Yourself. You’ve heard the phrase never say never. What if you never try new things because you’re afraid to get hurt? You could be missing out on your true calling when you let fear overrule fight. When you say, “I could never do that,” you’re placing limits on gaining absolute clarity. So, challenge your “nevers” to find what works for you.

Gaining clarity can help us make better decisions, set more attainable goals, become more trusting, and live a healthier and more meaningful life. BrainTap is here to help! If you have any questions or concerns contact us at contact@braintap.com.

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