Neuropathy sufferers discover a new way to live!

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Imagine feeling as though you can’t participate in life with your family, take a simple walk or get a good night’s sleep.  Imagine living life worrying about losing your balance and falling, leading to a broken bone.  For over 20 million Americans that is exactly how they go through life due to neuropathy.  Neuropathy is a debilitating condition that affects lives in numerous ways. Chances are you or someone you know has been diagnosed with neuropathy and you’ve probably been told there is nothing you can do to relieve your symptoms.  If so, you’re going to want to read on.  There are solutions to manage neuropathy and as people become more aware of the brain/body connection, treatments are gaining momentum and patients are seeing relief for the first time in years.

Neuropathy Effects

As our population ages and is increasingly struggling with weight issues and diabetes, the number of people with neuropathy will increase.  Neuropathy is a condition where nerves in the body have been damaged, malfunction, or in some cases have even died.  These nerves are usually located close to the surface of the skin and the most common areas affected are the peripheral nerves that extend to the fingertips and toes.  A person may feel a pins and needles sensation, tingling, burning, pinching or electric shocks.  In some cases, they may feel numbness or loss of sensation in these areas.  Most patients have difficulty sleeping due to the pain in their feet and legs.

The most common cause of neuropathy is diabetes.  Uncontrolled blood sugar can lead to the damage of nerve cells resulting in the loss of feeling most often in the feet and legs.  Chemotherapy and cancer drugs have also been known to cause neuropathy as well as some statin drugs.  In some cases, doctors aren’t able to determine why someone suffers from neuropathy.

If you’re diagnosed with neuropathy, you know firsthand how hard it is to be able to function on a day to day basis due to the pain, numbness and loss of feeling in your hands and feet.  In addition to the physical pain, neuropathy can take a mental and emotional toll.

Traditional Treatments

Unfortunately for this growing population of patients, traditional treatments are not very successful because the focus is on symptoms instead of causes.  Most pharmaceutical treatments for neuropathy aren’t even specifically for neuropathy.  They are designed to treat other conditions.  It’s no wonder that they have limited success–they’re also expensive, loaded with side effects, and not addressing the root cause of the problem.

Results From Monochromatic Infrared Enery

While there is no cure for neuropathy, there is hope.  One treatment that is receiving increasing attention in the medical community uses monochromatic infrared energy to increase blood circulation to the affected nerves and surrounding tissues.  Dr. Patrick Doyle, who is the founder of Neighborhood Neuropathy Clinic of Reno, has created a program in his clinic that can be utilized by any practitioner anywhere to help patients suffering from neuropathy get amazing results and relief.  Dr. Doyle utilizes a program of infrared technology, vibration, lymphatic work and inflammation reduction through diet and supplementation to treat neuropathy sufferers.  He also works with reconnecting the communication between the brain and the nerves to reestablish the connection between the brain and the hands and feet.  This is a great way for BrainTap to assist in helping neuropathy patients.

We already know the BrainTap can help listeners make better choices nutritionally which aides in managing diabetes.  BrainTap can also help motivate you to exercise and make healthier choices overall.  The BrainTap is also instrumental in helping increase blood flow to the brain, developing new neural pathways and improving sleep–all of which can benefit sufferers of neuropathy.  If you’re suffering from neuropathy I encourage you to check out the neuropathy audio series in the BrainTap App.  With sessions that assist you in healing your body, increasing blood flow, balancing blood sugar and more, we have a wealth of information that can assist you on your path to wellness and vitality.  I also encourage you to visit Dr. Doyle’s website for more information on his program.  If your practitioner isn’t currently offering Dr. Doyle’s program in their clinic, ask them to check it out as well.  You no longer have to suffer needlessly with neuropathy.

For more information on Dr. Doyle’s program visit or email Dr. Doyle directly at  For more information on the BrainTap Headset and BrainTap App, visit

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