Need a Boost? Top Ten Tips for Gaining Energy

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From time to time we all feel that mid-afternoon slump.  Or we wake up more tired than when we went to bed.

Sometimes we just don’t have enough energy to get through the day.  Most of the time that feeling can be attributed to our lifestyle choices, habits or routines.  We may be over-tired, over-worked or just over life’s stresses.

A lack of energy can also extend to our brains.  When we feel fuzzy or have brain fog, it can drain our physical energy.  It’s a real thing and it can become serious if we don’t take steps to alleviate the lack of energy.

Common Causes of Lack of Energy:

  • Lack of sleep
  • Lack of physical activity
  • Unhealthy eating habits
  • Excessive use of alcohol
  • Jet lag
  • Medications such as antihistamines

If you’re suffering from an energy drain, read on for our real solutions that you can use today.  (Warning:  A chronic lack of energy may be a result of a more serious health condition. Always check with your doctor if you have concerns.)

Top Tips For Gaining Energy


1.  Get moving. If you’re lacking energy you may need exercise–as counterintuitive as that sounds.  Exercise revitalizes our energy stores because it releases chemicals in the body that boost mood and energy.  For the best exercises to increase energy click HERE now.

2.  Find your purpose. Lacking direction can drain your energy.  Having something to look forward to or a plan you know you’re going to follow boosts your energy.  Find something meaningful to participate in.  HERE’S a list of 23 energy boosting hobbies to try out.

3.  Get quality sleep. Getting too much or too little sleep can increase your lack of energy.  For the best tips on napping to get great energy click HERE.

4.  Eat right. You’ve heard of the sugar crash?  It’s no secret that the foods we eat directly contribute to how we feel.  Overeating or eating junk foods will cause a lack of energy after the initial boost you get from sugar.  Opting for healthy, alive, vibrant foods such as THESE is your best bet.


5.  Reduce your stress. Stress causes a huge drain on your energy stores. Finding relaxation techniques such as meditation, yoga, or deep breathing are great tools to use to reduce stress.  For more on relieving stress in your daily live visit our blog post on Stress Awareness Day.

6.  Cut the Caffeine. While caffeine will give you that initial boost of energy, having caffeine too late in the day will interfere with your sleep and sap your energy.  Try to limit your caffeine intake later in the day so you can get quality sleep at night and keep energy high.  Need more proof?  Check out Healthline’s article on 3 reasons coffee can decrease your energy.

7.  Just say no. One of the biggest reasons we’re lacking energy is because we overload our schedule.  Try to cut down on your list of things to do and learn to say no where appropriate.  Psychology Today  has some great tips on learning to say no when you need to.

8.  Limit alcohol. Drinking in moderation is okay but consuming too much is a real energy zapper.  Not only will you feel sluggish and tired the next day, consuming alcohol close to bedtime can interrupt your sleep making you that much more tired.

9.   Drink Water. Sounds simple doesn’t it?  You might wonder how water helps you gain energy.  If you’re dehydrated, one of the first symptoms you’ll feel is lack of energy.  Drinking enough water ensures your body has everything it needs to power through your day.  For tips on drinking more water daily click HERE.

10.  BrainTap.  Not only does BrainTap improve your sleep so you’ll naturally have more energy, but BrainTap also helps you experience immediate energy boosts each time you listen.  By improving your brain activity, your body will run more efficiently and with more energy.  Click HERE to learn more about the science behind BrainTap.

When we are tired and lack energy, we don’t think as clearly, and we take longer to finish our to-do lists.  This creates a vicious cycle of being tired, lacking motivation and energy.  Following some of these simple tips will help eliminate stress and restore health, mental clarity and boundless energy.

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