Meditations for Stress

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A common culprit to chronic physical illness and increased mental health issues is stress. Our body reacts to stress by producing cortisol, the “stress hormone,” and by increasing our beta brainwaves. Learn to limit the effects of stress on your brain and body by listening to meditations focused on managing stress. This will help your body feel calm and inhibit beta brainwaves.

Brainwaves and Stress

Stress affects your body, mood and behavior. (Read about the symptoms and effects of stress here). Relaxation techniques for an optimally balanced brain can help your brain be ready to combat stress and its effects on your body.

So how do you overcome the brutal effects of stress? First, you need to get out of the fight-or-flight response and into the relaxation response. However, the relaxation response can’t happen as long as you generate primarily high beta brainwave activity. Your brainwave activity must dip into alpha, the intuitive mind, or even into theta, the inventive mind.

How Meditations Help Stress

Meditation is an important aspect of keeping stress levels low. This helps you reach deeper brainwave frequencies that are important for a fully balanced brain and optimal functioning body.

Research has shown that meditation evokes a calming feeling which provides a better perspective to solve problems, handle emotions, and focus on the present. (Scientific Research: the history of meditation and it’s process)

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Meditation helps you manage stress throughout your life.

The Intimidation Factor

We want to avoid negative stressors (read more about stress in all its forms here). Therefore, it’s important to implement a regular meditation practice into our daily life. Utilizing specific meditations for stress can help get you out of the cycle of stress.

For many, though, meditation can be overwhelming or intimidating. For those who struggle focusing, meditation can be frustrating, leading to more stress. All of these factors can result in wanting to completely give up meditation at all.

Meditations for Stress

Guided meditations can be helpful to walk you through managing stress. Additionally, unlike standard meditation apps, BrainTap is an effective tool to help you reach desired brainwave states. BrainTap helps to “enhance the production of all the necessary neurotransmitters needed for optimal function of body and mind.” BrainTap provides brainwave training and relaxation, giving the benefits of meditation without the effort or years of practice. The following are from the Stress-Free Me bundle:

  • 8, 10 & 15-Minute BrainTap Journeys
  • Developing Spontaneous Relaxation
  • Create Your Enchanted Forest & Mountaintop Retreat
  • Opening the Heart to Family and Friends
  • Heart Healthy Food for Life
  • The Secret Power of Self-talk
  • Whole Brain Motivation & Unending Drive
  • Enthusiasm, Focus & Flexibility…Your Keys to Success
  • Harness the Power of Change
  • Journey To The Creativity Zone
  • Step Into the Spotlight of Your Life
  • Releasing Fear
  • Plus more

Become a Better You

Meditation doesn’t have to be another stress trigger in your life. You can receive the benefits of meditation without the intimidation with tools like BrainTap. Lowering stress helps you in every aspect of your life, from your sleep schedule to your workout performance to your appetite to your overall wellness and happiness.


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