Meditation Switches Off Disease Causing Genes

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Researchers at Harvard Medical School found that deep relaxation seems to switch off ‘disease causing’ genes, while switching on genes that actively protect us from disorders such as high blood pressure to pain to infertility and even rheumatoid arthritis.

The Relaxation Effect

Researchers attribute these changes to a phenomenon they call the ‘Relaxation Effect.’ The researchers compared the genetic profile of individuals who were long-term practitioners of relaxation methods such as yoga and meditation to a control group of individuals who were not relaxation practitioners.

In the words of Dr Herbert Benson, who led the research group at Harvard Medical School, “We found a range of disease fighting genes that were active in the relaxation practitioners but not active in the control group.” Interestingly, in as little as two months after the control group began meditating, their genetic profile changed to resemble those of the relaxation practitioners.

Meditation And Our Health

Meditation is a term coined to encompass a variety of practices that help you focus your attention and control your thoughts. Meditation is not just a way for us to get in touch with ourselves and calm a busy mind. It appears that meditation, by improving our spiritual and mental health, is also responsible for our physical and genetic health.

Relax With BrainTap

The BrainTap platform, with over 2000 guided audios, is an effective tool for creating a relaxing and meditative experience, even for those who have never meditated before. And the BrainTap headset channels precise frequencies of light and sound, electric impulses, and pulsed magnetic fields through the headset and the glasses into the brain, with the intention of creating accelerated learning, heightened creativity, and meditative states at the touch of a button.  Also, the stimulation from the lights and sound causes the brain to release or step up production of the brain chemicals associated with pleasure, mood and memory.

By using the BrainTap platform and headset, we all have the ability to make abnormal brainwave patterns normal, which makes the brain better at self-regulating. This self-regulation will have a positive rippling effect on all cells, tissues, organs, glands and systems of the body.


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