How To Survive the Holidays + 5 Tips For Finding Peace During an Unprecedented Holiday

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How To Survive the Holidays + Tips For Finding Peace During an Unprecedented Holiday

Do you want to survive the holidays? You’re not alone!

It’s no secret that this year feels different than years prior. The holidays came swiftly and quietly, and suddenly we are in the midst of holiday celebrations. However, it may feel difficult to go from stress to celebrate at a flip of a switch. So how can we find peace during these unprecedented times? (And are we tired of hearing the word unprecedented yet?)

How To Survive the Holidays: Set Boundaries

From the get-to, one of the greatest ways to fill your life with peace—especially during the holidays—is to set boundaries. How can you manage expectations, both of yourself and of others? This year is different than any other, so give yourself permission to have different expectations and boundaries if necessary. Perhaps this year you are keeping the festivities small and intimate. Setting clear boundaries with others prior to your plans will help ease expectations and facilitate an environment in which you feel most at peace. Some boundaries may include the following:

  • Who you will allow to see
  • How much time you spend with others
  • How long you will spend working vs. playing
  • When you will be accessible via phone, email, etc.
  • How long you will talk on the phone or visit with loved ones and friends
  • Asking for and receiving help
  • How much you are reasonably able to give and help others
  • Budget for holiday spending

Making Time for Rest is Key to Surviving the Holidays

With time off work and having more time with loved ones, you may feel tempted to stay up until the early hours of the morning. As fun as this may be, throwing off your sleep schedule can have longer, more detrimental effects that will influence the fun of the day more than you may realize. Disrupting a sleep schedule too much can cause daytime brain fog, irritability, insomnia, and hindered digestion. Who wants all that during the holidays? As much as possible, stick to a healthy sleep regimen and allow yourself to reach the necessary deep sleep brain states that facilitate brain cleansing and healing.

Feel Your Feelings and Find Peace During an Unprecedented Holiday Season

This year both flew by and dragged on. There is much to grieve. Many of us have experienced loss in some way, and feeling more heaviness than lightness this time of year is common. It’s important to give yourself time to grieve. Feel your feelings in full: heartache, disappointment, loss, and joy, humor, peace. Recognize that feelings are just that—feelings. There is no moral attachment to how you feel, only how you respond to your feelings. Allowing yourself the room to feel in full will enable you to experience more happiness during the holiday season.

Survive the Holidays by Serving Others

When able, reach out and serve those around you. Looking outside of yourself can be a beneficial way to put your worries and fears into perspective. When feeling low, consider: Who can I help today? Is there an opportunity in front of me to lift someone else? Be sure when looking for ways to help that you do not overextend yourself; this will only create burnout and serving will turn into resentment. Check in with your boundaries, and then proceed with how you feel you are able to reach out to those around you. Remember, you can only lift someone as high as you are. Take care of yourself so you can care for others.

Survive the Holidays by Making Time for Mindfulness

Making time for a midday mindfulness practice can exponentially help the stress and exhaustion that often comes with the holidays. Studies show that having a midday mindfulness practice to focus on meditation, breathing, and resetting yourself for the day can reclaim 80 percent of the energy you had in the morning. That is essentially receiving a whole restart for your day! Who needs a time travel machine when you can practice mindfulness? One great tool for helping your mindfulness practice is BrainTap. BrainTap helps your brain reach states of productivity and relaxation, experiencing healing brain waves found in deep sleep.

Survive the Holidays and Make Your Holiday Season Merry and Bright

Your holidays can feel more merry and bright as you focus on these five ways to navigate these unprecedented times. You can lead a happier, healthier holiday season even amidst the uncertainty ahead.

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