How to speed up your metabolism and have your best summer yet!

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You bought that new bathing suit with all the best of intentions, yet it’s still tucked away in a drawer, tags still attached, a painful reminder that you haven’t made good on the promises you made to yourself. So, what’s stopping you from having the body you would want…the one that will rock that bathing suit?

Your Metabolism

Well, BrainTap is here to help you out this summer, because boosting your metabolism is much easier than you think…but you are probably going about it all wrong!

Most people think having a fast metabolism requires grueling exercise routines day in and day out, but nothing could be further from the truth. What it really takes to have a high-functioning metabolism is a good balance of high-performance activity and rest-and-recovery time.

Sadly, most people who strive for a faster metabolism focus solely on the former and don’t even think about the latter. They push their bodies into a state of fight-or-flight, kicking their bodies into preservation, fat-storage, mode.

And the rest of us figure it’s too much hard work and stay stuck in a stressed-out, sedentary lifestyle that includes neither high-performance nor rest-and-recovery periods. Neither approach is effective for getting you into that bathing suit you had such high hopes for when you bought it.

Kick Start Your Metabolism

But did you know that by waking up and starting your day with a 10-minute motivation session you can kick start your metabolism by 30 percent or more without any effort?

Dr. Porter calls the BrainTap AM sessions digital coffee. Sure, you can enjoy a regular cup of coffee and get pumped up, but you are actually putting stress on your system. As examples, the liver has to work harder to keep your system clean and you will have stressed out your adrenals. But BrainTap is a clean and natural energy booster that wakes up the brain and enhances your metabolism.

By adding this summertime boost to your daily routine, you will be energized and ready for your summer activities. Then, after a day playing at the beach or traveling to your vacation destination, there are 800 other BrainTap sessions to help reboot the brain, recharge your body, and keep you focused into the evening. You can even use one of the Healthy Sleep sessions to reach the deep delta sleep that detoxes the brain, so you can wake up refreshed and ready for a day of fun again tomorrow.

Once your metabolism, self-esteem, and motivation are at their peak, you can own your summer and wear that bathing suit with pride, knowing that one day at a time summer is getting better, better and better! Get started now with a FREE TRIAL.

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