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We all feel calm and relaxed while out in nature, but why?

Well, thanks to recent discoveries in neuroscience, we now know that our brains and bodies are hardwired to sync with nature, the circadian rhythms and the change of seasons.

The Schumann Frequency

The planet itself resonates at 7.83 Hz frequency, known as the Schumann Frequency or Mother Earth’s natural heartbeat. This is because the Schumann frequency is said to be “in tune” with the human brain’s alpha (relaxed) and theta (deeply relaxed) states.

It goes against our nature to be in urban settings all the time and this causes our body stress–and when 70% of the population lives in urban areas, it’s becoming more and more important to understand the importance of nature in our lives. Studies have shown that people in a constant urban environment have greater mood and anxiety disorders and are more sensitive to stress.

It’s no wonder then, that when we experience nature, it sets off a multitude of benefits in our bodies. Our bodies crave this environment and research supports the notion that nature calms and heals.


One study found that people who took a 90-minute walk in nature reported lower stress levels and had reduced neural activity in areas of the brain associated with ailments such as depression and anxiety. Other studies show that viewing images of nature activates brain areas associated with empathy and altruism, while viewing urban settings triggers fear and stress.

If you can find even a few minutes a day to spend time in nature, you’ll reap the benefits of improved focus, boosts in creativity, maximized benefits from exercise, reduced pain and better sleep habits.

This could be something as easy as walking down a tree-lined street, working in your garden or eating in the park to more extensive trips such as hiking in the mountains, canoeing down a river or camping for the weekend.

Unfortunately, not everyone has access to nature every day. Some people live in the city by necessity and others struggle to find the time or money to vacation in nature. Sometimes the weather doesn’t cooperate. Then what can we do?

Well, if just looking at a picture of nature produced calming results for the brain and body, and we know that the brain doesn’t know the difference between real and imagined, then what about images we conjure up in our own imaginations?

So what if you could take a virtual nature walk using the BrainTap headset and a relaxing visualization session from our On Demand Audio Library? Not only will you gain the benefits of being in nature, but also the brain wave frequencies of alpha and theta generated by BrainTap!

I think this perfectly explains why Create Your Mountaintop Retreat and Create Your Enchanted Forest in the Stress Reduction series are consistently in the top ten list of most listened to audio sessions from our library.

Many of my visualizations take you on mental vacations to a place in nature where you can relax, feel the sun’s warmth on your face, hear the sounds of nature and reduce your stress.

So I encourage you to get out and experience nature every day–and if you can’t, or even if you feel the need for a little break, listen to your BrainTap Headset and one of my over 700+ audio sessions in the On Demand Library via the BrainTap App.  The benefits to your brain and body are numerous and we all need less stress in our lives.

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