Doctoral Study Reveals How BrainTap’s Mind/Body Benefits Enhance Healing for Toxic Mold Syndrome Sufferers when Compared to Control Group

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Today, even the most traditional medical doctors are willing to admit that there’s something to the mind/body connection in healing, even though they can’t explain it. But one intrepid doctoral student at the International Quantum University for Integrative Medicine, who’d had some personal mind/body experiences of her own, set out to prove the mind/body connection with those suffering from a particularly uncomfortable health issue called Toxic Mold Syndrome (TMS).

Toxic Mold Syndrome

TMS is notoriously difficult to diagnosis because the causes, symptoms, and treatments can vary greatly. And, since TMS is only recently gaining credibility in the medical community, there has been little research in this area. The symptoms can be numerous and deadly; and finding causes and treatments are crucial for the people suffering from this disease.

In this study, TMS was treated with a multidisciplinary approach integrating therapies for both the body and mind. The experimental group consisted of 12 individuals receiving treatment for TMS. The control group consisted of eight individuals. The experimental group received mycotoxin detoxification protocols to address the physical body and BrainTap sessions to address the mental body. The control group received medical intervention alone.

Study Results

Progress of each patient was measured by a patient symptom survey, baseline and post-test emotional scans, and bioenergetic imprints of mold mycotoxins. The end result was that the experimental group showed significant improvement in their patient symptom surveys, emotional scans and biomarkers compared to the control group who only received the detoxification therapies.

The results of this study help explain why a patient who believes a therapy will work, or has a positive mental outlook, achieves greater results from medical interventions. Conversely, if a patient believes there is no hope, then most likely they will not receive the best possible outcome from medical interventions. As our founder Dr. Patrick Porter often says, “The law of the mind is the law of belief!”

BrainTap Sessions

The experimental subjects, by utilizing the BrainTap headset and listening to audio sessions including “Tapping into Your Internal Pharmacy,” “Supercharge Your Immune System,” and, “Realize Your Ability to Heal,” found that not only did symptoms of TMS improve, but the participants’ quality of life, overall attitude and anxiety level all improved significantly as a result of the enhanced protocols. One patient reported being anxiety free for the first time in her recent memory and said she felt like a new person. Another reported renewed energy and relaxation, as well as controlled anxiety. She no longer lost her temper at work and remained calm throughout her day.

While the emotional improvements were expected with use of the BrainTap Headset, what’s even more remarkable is that the experimental group showed greater improvement in the physical healing compared to the control group. The mold and mycotoxin imprints improved steadily throughout the length of the study with two from the experimental group actually seeing an eradication of all mycotoxins by the end of the study.

The BrainTap Headset

The BrainTap headset is one of many mind/body approaches to healing but its unique combination of guided visualization and brainwave training sets it apart from other methodologies. The deep relaxation achieved while BrainTapping serves to slow heart-rate and breathing and balance brainwave activity, allowing the body to heal the way it was intended. BrainTapping takes the body from the wide-awake beta state into the alpha and theta states. Beta is the state in which we deal with all the chaos and stress in our daily lives. Alpha and theta are the states where the left and right sides of the brain synchronize and harmonize, which allows for stress reduction, lessening of pain, and the release of beta-endorphins, our body’s natural healers.

This study demonstrates that when the physical body is the sole focus of a healing protocol, there is a greater risk of failure, sometimes leaving patients feeling they have no choice but to give up. In contrast, utilizing the mind/body connection provides new hope and an alternative to traditional treatments alone. What affects the mental body will affect the physical body. Healing the mental body translates to healing the physical body. And the BrainTap headset can be a vital part of this protocol. For more information or to get your free trial today click here.

Ref: Doctoral Dissertation, Toxic Mold Study Syndrome, IQUIM University, Cynthia Bloomfield, October 17, 2017 – ©2017 All Rights Reserved

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