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How SMR BrainTap Sessions De-Frag Your Brain

In computer lingo, defragging refers to reducing the fragmentation of a file by concentrating parts stored in separate locations on a disk. Regular defragging frees up space and helps your computer run at peak performance. Our brains also require defragging for optimum performance. For most people today, though, this process is irregular at best due to stress and poor sleep habits. Fortunately, regular braintapping can give the brain the right balance it needs to defrag.

Sensorimotor Rhythm (SMR) represents the brainwave frequency between 12-15 Hz.  SMR is something like a de-fragger for the brain. If you look at what our brains do: Engage stimuli – Set aside space to develop a responding strategy and carry it out (resource allocation) – Dis-engage the stimuli (let it go). Defragging the brain means you are clearing those resources once they’ve been used.

When you close your eyes, your brain activates the SMR frequency range, categorizing and cataloging the data associated with the experience and shipping the necessary components out to the cortex for storage and/or future use. This is also what’s supposed to happen when you sleep. Freeing up space increases the efficiency of the system. Not clearing space bogs down the system, slowing response time during engagement and/or disengagement, creating undo stress in the system, forcing it to swing either into a more fight-or-flight state (everything is a threat) or a highly-distracted state (ADD and PTSD).

When using the BrainTap sessions that focus on SMR brain wave stimulation, there are a variety of potential benefits.

  1. Stress

    When you are experiencing feelings of anxiety and stress, you produce an elevated amount of higher beta activity, between 20-30Hz or higher.  Listening to the BrainTap SMR sessions with frequencies between 12-15Hz can help to reduce those feelings to a manageable level. If your stress is more severe, you may want to try the Stress Reduction series where we guide you even further to low alpha 9.5 – 8.5Hz range, and down even further to 6.5 – 4.0 Hz in theta.

  2. Mood

    People suffering from depression usually show an abundance of slower brain wave activity. In that situation, listening to SMR 12-15Hz stimulation can help increase the speed of brain activity, improving your mood and energy levels.

  3. Sleep

    EEG researchers have found that insomniacs tend to have lower than average SMR waves in the brain. Listening to SMR 12-15Hz stimulation during the daytime or early evening will boost your natural SMR levels and help you get the restorative sleep you need. Listening to SMR sessions regularly over an extended period, helps train your brain to naturally produce more SMR waves, and inhibit body movement during sleep. These sessions are not designed as a form of sleep induction, so it should be listened to earlier in the day, not when you go to sleep.

  4. Learning

    If you’re struggling to focus and feeling a bit tired and unmotivated while studying, you can help boost your concentration and energy levels by increasing beta activity. The SMR range is right at the bottom of the beta range, so it’s not too intense. SMR will help you focus, concentrate and learn.

  5. Health

    Athletes and healthy individuals, usually show higher levels of SMR activity on an EEG.  On the flip side, people who are ill with serious medical conditions, will often be found to have much lower SMR levels. There does appear to be a correlation between good health and higher SMR levels, and poor health with lower SMR levels. For this reason, we suggest starting the day out with an AM session that wakes the brain up and gives you a more enhanced focus to start the day.

  6. If you’d like to try out a few SMR sessions for yourself, simply CLICK HERE to get a free trial.

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