Celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month with BrainTap

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Every year from September 15 to October 15 we observe National Hispanic Heritage Month to recognize the contributions of Hispanic Americans to our culture.  This observation was enacted by President Lyndon Johnson as Hispanic Heritage Week and later expanded by President Reagan into the month-long celebration it is today.

BrainTap believes America is made up of the contributions of many cultures, including Hispanic culture, so we have expanded our app to include foreign language audio sessions.  Our Spanish Language audio sessions are available now in our Essentials Collection.

The Foreign Language Spanish Bundle of the BrainTap Pro App contains audio sessions including:

  • AM Enfoque
  • Concentracion
  • Motivacion
  • Sea Consistente Con El Ejercicio
  • Approveche La Energia Infinita
  • Exito Un Paso A La Vez
  • Establecer Metas Para El Exito De Aprendizaje
  • Ser Un Pensador Optimisto
  • Seis Pasos Para Usar Tu Lunes Perfecto
  • Secretos Para Aumentar Tu Velocidad De Lectura
  • Resolver Problemas Con Tu Mente Creativa
  • Activa Tus Talentos Ocultos
  • Demonstrar Confianzo En Uno Mismo En El Aprendizaje
  • Relaciones
  • Visualizacion De Estilo De Vida

This is just a sampling of the almost 100 audio sessions we have available in Spanish.  To learn more, visit https://braintap.com for special deals on the Essentials Collection, which includes not only Spanish language sessions but all our foreign language audios.

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