Take the Stress out of Resolution Setting This Year

Are you someone who sets a New Year’s Resolution every December with the best intentions but by mid-January, you’ve already given up? I have to admit there have been times in my life when this has been the case. The stress of setting and achieving goals can sometimes derail even the simplest of resolutions. Goal […]

Five Tips for Fixing Holiday Stress

For many, Christmas is the most wonderful time of year.  They thrive on the hustle and bustle, decorating the halls, baking the cookies and singing along with carols on the radio.  They look forward to creating family  memories and seeing the lights. For others, the holidays and the stress attached is overwhelming.  They’d love to […]

Holidays and Brain Health: Tips for Handling Stress

For many of us Thanksgiving kicks off the holiday season.  It’s a wonderful time of year.  Family and friends gather to share a meal and laughter.  People connect with loved ones they haven’t seen in a while. But along with all the best parts of the holidays, there is another side–one that may be affecting […]

Five Steps to Reset Your Stressed Brain

You can’t avoid it. You can’t escape from it. You know it’s out there waiting for you. It’s stress. We all have stress in our lives. Even when something extraordinary happens to us, it creates a certain amount of stress. We have deadlines, lists of things to do, people we have to deal with, and […]

Brain Fitness – Five Tips For A Healthy Brain

Your brain is the most important organ you have.  It’s the control center that runs every other system in your body.  If you don’t keep it fit and healthy, your entire body suffers.  And, just like physical fitness, brain fitness has many benefits for all the systems in our bodies. We’re not talking about doing […]

How Adding Adaptogens To Your Daily Routine Can Change Your Life

As of recently, adaptogens have been gaining traction in the health and wellness world.  Adaptogens can now be found in a variety of products, ranging from adaptogen and nootropic supplements to additives in powders and beverages. If you have heard of adaptogens before, you have likely heard to some extent that they can have a […]

5 Simple Ways to Relieve Stress: Global Wellness Day 2021

As the saying goes, if you don’t make time to be well, your body will be sure you take the time to be sick. Chronic stress can lead to burnout, even if you don’t necessarily feel stressed out.  Today, along with many others, we’re recognizing Global Wellness Day and the importance of practicing wellness.  Global […]

How stress affects the brain and body systems

stress relief

A daily headache, chronic muscle pain, digestive complaints, and a host of other issues are common complaints at the doctor’s office. A common culprit for these not-so-pleasant experiences? Stress. With many contributing factors, stress may be affecting your body without you even knowing it. Stress can not only affect your body but also your mood […]

Manifesting Mindfulness in the New Year: Visualizing Your Best Life

Man meditating

People are determined to make 2021 better than its predecessor. The pandemic brought mindfulness to the masses as it created a unique opportunity to slow down, reflect, and focus on the most important aspects of life. The traumatic events of last year encouraged people to prioritize their mental health and their future goals. Manifesting has […]

Resolutions That Are Attainable and Impactful

Already a week into the new year, and you may be feeling like you are crushing your new year’s goals. Or, if you’re like the only 92 percent of the population, you may be needing a little help. If you are looking for some resolutions for your health that are both attainable and impactful, take […]

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