Freedom from Addiction

It’s my goal that you become aware of all the ways in which BrainTap Technology can help you improve your life.  No matter what obstacle you’re facing or what goal you have, we are here to help you get where you want to go.  That’s why this week I’ve chosen to speak to you about Freedom […]

8 Ways Stress Affects Skin And Our Top Three Tips for Beautiful Radiant Skin

The best way to get glowing skin will probably surprise you. Radiant skin can be affected by lack of sleep, diet and stress. In this article, you will learn how stress affects skin and our top three tips for beautiful skin, including what foods to eat for glowing skin, and how sleep affects your skin. […]

Big Pharma: How to Protect Yourself Against Rising Drug Costs

Every January, pharmaceutical companies across the nation make decisions regarding their price points for the coming months. As we’re all celebrating the fresh start offered by a new year, drug corporations are working to determine how much they should charge for the production of new and existing medications. Unsurprisingly, those costs usually trend upward; however, […]