Can Stress Lead to Cancer?

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Because I travel so often, I often fill my time in airports and on planes reading articles and research I think can be of use to the BrainTap community. I just finished an article that I found particularly interesting given how often I recommend you use BrainTap for stress reduction in this age of Super-Stress.

Super Stress

This article talks about emotional trauma and chronic stress that lingers far beyond normal daily stress and how these stressors can lead to serious health issues. It led me to wonder: Can emotional trauma and chronic stress lead to cancer?  Per this article, the answer is a resounding yes.

The American Psychological Association defines trauma as the emotional response to an extremely negative event. When you’re exposed to such stress, your body produces the chemical changes involved during the fight-or-flight response. Typically, once the event has passed, the body returns to normal.

Sometimes, though, extreme or chronic stress can keep fight-or-flight activated all the time. In this state, adrenaline and non-adrenaline stimulating mechanisms alter the genetic code, increasing our risk for diseases such as cancer.

The good news is meditation and visualization has been found to be one of the primary ways of healing these emotional wounds and reducing the effects of chronic stress on our bodies. And you have access to the best way of utilizing the practice of meditation and visualization at your fingertips–the BrainTap.

In Getting Well Again:  A Step-by-Step Self-Help Guide to Overcoming Cancer for Patients and Their Families, Dr. Carl Simonton and his wife Stephanie document how people can influence their disease through healing their emotions. They provide example after example of how meditation and visualization prolong life, improve quality of life and in some cases helped in healing the cancer altogether.

Not only do you have the tools to assist you via our BrainTap headset, but BrainTap Technologies’ On-Demand Audio Library also contains over 700 audio sessions designed to reduce stress and improve your life—including two audio series designed for managing the stress of cancer. The first is our Coping with Cancer series, which will take you through the steps of relaxation, planning for a healthy life, and eliminating unhealthy habits. The second cancer series, which is new to our Audio Library is the Say No to Cancer series, which encourages eliminating fear, boosting the immune system, and finding balance.

Today more than ever it is vitally important that you take the time to meditate and practice positive visualization to maintain your healthiest body yet—and to reduce the effects of chronic stress. With BrainTap it has never been easier to take control of your health and remain stress free!

Yours in Health,

Dr. Patrick Porter, PhD

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