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I want to talk to you about a subject most people like to keep hidden.  It’s not a subject we like to talk about but because so many people in today’s overworked and over-stressed society are suffering, I felt it was important to address it.  That subject is alcohol addiction.  In today’s society we are plagued with super stress.  The pressures of work, family, money, relationships and modern life have given rise to 18 million Americans suffering from alcohol-related disorders.  For the person who wants to stop drinking it’s a daily struggle between what you know is good for you and the habit that you’ve established in your mind.  As much as you may want to stop drinking, the habit takes over, making it nearly impossible to resist temptation.  For family members of someone with an alcohol problem, the daily pain of watching a person you love struggle, and dealing with the resulting behaviors of drinking, can be a strain beyond any other.

Alcohol Addiction

Many of you who know my story, know my family came through the struggle with alcohol abuse.  We watched as someone we loved fought on a daily basis with this disease.  Fortunately, my family was healed from this addiction; and I’m here to share with you that life doesn’t have to be this way for you, your family or friends.  If you know anyone suffering from addiction, they can overcome it the same way I’ve helped countless others–through the use of the BrainTap Technology Headset and my Alcohol Series.  You can learn the hidden solutions that reside within each and every one of you–solutions that can free you or someone you love from the desire for alcohol for good.

With sessions like “Breaking Beliefs and Behavior Patterns,” “Reclaiming Your Power,” and “Rebuilding Your Life,” you can learn to live free from addiction.  These audio sessions are not a substitute for care by a competent physician. However, if you’re ready to improve your life one step at a time, these sessions can help you relax and learn to live the life you’ve always dreamed of.  Simply visit and click on the Alcohol Series in the Audio Session Library for more information.  Better yet, sign up for a free trial of our On Demand Library which allows you access to all 2000+ audio sessions of relaxation and healing that we offer.

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