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Recently, on our BrainTap Business Journal Podcast, I was joined by David Weinstein, founder and creator of LifeForce IQ and renowned biohacker.  It got me to wondering what biohacking really is and how it can benefit regular people in their everyday lives.  Biohacking is the process of doing research on your own body and making changes in your lifestyle to “hack” your biology and create the best body, mind and health possible.

Everything we put in our bodies from food to information is creating our biology and how we behave.  What if tweaking those things enabled us to create the ultimate version of ourselves, leading us to feel younger, healthier and happier?  Enter biohacking.

Four Dimensions of Health

David Weinstein’s company has become a forerunner in the biohacking industry.  He has created a line of gear and supplementation that transforms the body one cell at a time.  His dream is to empower people to be biologically younger and optimize the performance of the body, brain and nervous system to meet the environmental challenges of today’s modern world.  He takes what he calls the Four Dimensions of health — Physique and Vitality, Mental Clarity and Emotional Freedom, Stress Management and Sleep and Recovery and adjusts his protocols to assist his clients in optimizing their lifestyle.

How can that help the average person?  On a beginning level, each and every one of us can be more aware of the things we are putting into our bodies and make small but amazing changes to our lives that will affect our body chemistry and put us on the path to the healthiest version of ourselves that we can be.

We can make simple changes such as:

  • Try an elimination diet to rid our bodies of foods that cause us, specifically, inflammation.  Your body is unique to you so what affects you may not affect someone else.  Even so-called healthy foods can cause inflammation in certain people.  Your bio-hack here is finding what works for your specific body.
  • Kick sugar to the curb.  We all know the American diet contains too much processed and refined sugars.  Try eliminating those foods and feel your energy go through the roof.
  • Get the proper amounts of sleep.  Getting adequate amounts of good quality rest resets the brain and recharges you for your day.
  • Meditate.  Even if you’re not a meditation expert, spending a few moments each and every day in quiet time focusing on your breathing can assist you in resetting your brain enabling you to be the best version of yourself that you can be.  Fortunately, with the BrainTap system, we’ve made meditation easy for you to balance your brainwaves and achieve optimal function of your brain and body.  In addition to that, the BrainTap is specifically designed to combine light, binaural beats, music and guided visualization to create full spectrum brainwave activity.  The ultimate in biohacking your body to create your best life now.
  • Show Gratitude.  Thinking about every day experiences in different ways positively changes your perspective on the events in your lives.  Making a habit of being grateful even for the things that may annoy us has been proven to positively impact our moods and our brains.

Best Life Yet

While we may not all be biohacking experts like David Weinstein, we can all make small changes in our lives that impact greatly.  Once you’ve accomplished that, you’ll be on your way to your best life yet.  And if you’re ready to take those next steps, I encourage you to visit David’s website and learn more about what he does at LifeForce IQ.

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