A Testament to the Power of Thought for Medical Recovery

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Dr. Ed Kropf’s Story

Sewickley, PA

I wanted to share with you an experience I had with BrainTap. I was scheduled for a complete shoulder replacement on a Friday, I had no idea what I was in for except that it would be a long rehab. The Sunday preceding, as I prepared for this, I was out shopping and felt the onset of anxiety. I felt really strange, edgy, standoffish. I cannot explain it; all I knew is I wanted to go home.

I arrived home not much better. Real antsy. For whatever reason, the BrainTap headset came into sight, so I searched and found a short program for pre-surgery jitters. It was just 10 minutes, but I felt the difference immediately! That pre-surgery week, BrainTap was part of my wellness program.

Friday morning came. I had a BrainTap headset and my phone, complete with the BrainTap app, at the hospital. Post-surgery that very afternoon I listened to at least 2 sessions, maybe 3, of the Medical Recovery series for pain and healing. I was also provided oxycodone. The nurse explained that post-nerve-block pain would occur about 1 to 3 am and would feel similar to being shot with buckshot in the shoulder, and that he would provide me a shot just as soon as I pressed the call button.

About 1:30 am, I felt like a fireworks display was happening in my shoulder, although the intensity was 1/10 and I laid curiously aware and waited. After some unknown time, I felt as if someone took their fingers and abruptly thumped the top of my shoulder, really maybe a 4/10 momentary sensation. As quickly as it happened, it stopped without any residual symptom. I never hit the nurse’s button. The final drugs I used were provided for my ride home. Although I filled the prescription, I never opened the container.

Of note, I have practiced alternative healthcare for the past 17+ years and, in addition to BrainTap and proper nutrition, I did use cold laser treatments pre and post-surgery even in the hospital. Not directly on the shoulder while in the hospital, but on the central nervous system. At home I began a more comprehensive cold laser and nutrition program. At my 5-day follow-up with the surgeon, he noted that the scar was healing at a 2-week level minimum, and I had the sling off at the 5-week mark.

As you can see, alternative integrated medicine utilizes various approaches to help the body heal naturally.

I am sincerely thankful for BrainTap and all the technology!

Doc Ed Kropf

Thank you for sharing your story, Dr. Kropf.  Your BrainTap team also believes in a mind-body, integrative approach that helps the body heal naturally.  

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