A New Year: What We Are Leaving in 2020

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A new year can provide a fresh start. Many are looking forward to this new year as in years prior: a time to reset, recenter, and refresh. However, with all that 2020 brought, we may be holding more baggage going into 2021 than when the year began.


Baggage to Leave in 2020

Most of us began 2020 with bright eyes and optimism. Yet as the months passed, the heaviness of the year quickly became nearly too much to bear. The non-stop stress triggers of 2020 contributed to increased depression, anxiety, insomnia, grogginess, and chronic health issues. Here are some of the things we are leaving in 2020:

  • Procrastinating and toxic perfectionism
  • Not asking for help or speaking your thoughts
  • Trying to change those who refuse to change
  • Hours upon hours of screen time, especially before bed
  • Complaining without putting in the work to change what you can
  • Catastrophizing and assuming the worst-case scenario
  • Allowing others to cross boundaries or not setting boundaries where they are needed
  • Comparing your life with others
  • Not focusing on brain health and working until burnout

Healing from the Inside Out in 2021

One of the greatest ways you can use the difficulties of 2020 to help you become a better—not a bitter—person as we go into the new year is to focus on your mindset. As you set your resolutions for creating a healthier life, remember to prioritize your brain health. Much of what was mentioned above can be eliminated as the brain becomes stronger and more flexible. Strengthening your brain can better help you to response to stress triggers that will, in turn, help leave much of the baggage we hope to leave in 2020. BrainTap is an effective way to help build both your brain and your body’s overall stamina in life. You will be more able to deal with difficult situations and circumstances, and you will better at creating and maintaining boundaries to keep yourself healthy and capable for whatever is to come.

A Much Anticipated New Year

Though 2020 was no doubt a challenging year for most people, it was also a year of immense growth, self-reflection, and learning. There is much we can leave behind as we move forward, but we can bring with us the lessons we learned about ourselves and the world around us to create a better life—from the inside out—in 2021.

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