21st Century Kids are Stressed and Depressed. Here’s what you can do about it.

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Under Pressure

Children today are under pressure like never before. No longer are they content to play outside in the sunshine or enjoy a simple life. Rather, they live a sedentary, plugged-in, stress-filled lifestyle that leads to depression, anxiety, and obesity. Why is this? What has happened to our society? 

The advent of technology and easy access to information about anything in the world is one of the primary culprits.  Our children are exposed to far more information than we ever were, and while good intentions were the driving force behind the technology age, the results that are showing up in our children are not all positive ones. 


Children are being programmed from an early age that they must look and behave a certain way. Our girls must have a perfect body, perfect skin, and perfect hair to measure up – and the expectations they see online are not only fake in many cases, but they are also virtually impossible to achieve. Dissatisfaction and anxiety are the result. The diet industry then takes hold, and food becomes the enemy in the constant battle for the perfect shape and size. 

Kids then turn to Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat to seek validation from their peers, only to find false images of smiling, happy faces that surely must mean that other people’s lives are far more exciting that one’s own.

Even More Pressure

As children get older, the pressure increases. Those who can rise above the pressure of appearance seem to succumb to other pressures related to academics and grades. By middle and high school, kids are expected to keep up with as many as eight or more academic classes, plus extracurricular activities, all while navigating complex relationships with peers.

Schools are graded by how many kids pass or fail standardized tests, which pressures teachers to teach to the test. Creativity is lost, which trickles down to our kids. Children are being brought up in an atmosphere where they become convinced that their futures depend on the results of an examination. Yet, there are enticing distractions right in the palm of their hands.

The external pressure is then driven higher by their emotional state, which changes on a daily basis. What if they do well and go to college? Then the anxiety of massive debt kicks in before they’ve even started adulthood. This all combines to create an emotional roller coaster that kids too often have a hard time dealing with.

We have created a society where anxiety rules our lives starting at a very young age, so how can we begin to fix the problem? First, we must realize that there is no escaping the stressors – or distractions – of modern society; therefore, we must learn to thrive in a stressful and confusing world. 

How To Gain Balance

In other words, rather than teaching our children to avoid stress, we must teach them how to gain balance and thrive despite the emotional pressure of living in the modern world. At BrainTap Tech, our audio sessions can help today’s children cope with their ever-changing world in a positive, constructive manner.

We have several custom-made children’s series that deal with the issues our kids are facing right now. In these audios, they will develop life skills for 21st Century living, such as focus, resiliency, self-reliance, a positive self-image, and more. Our audio sessions teach them about being kind, being confident, and can help them learn in a faster, more organized way, so schoolwork is a breeze. And, the innate relaxation created with our exclusive Neuro-Encoding process will help reduce worry and anxiety, every day, making your child happier and healthier overall.

For more information or to start a free trial for your child or yourself, click HERE.

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