BrainTap App Update


Hi BrainTap Community,

With the ongoing issues affecting BrainTap Pro App users, our team has been working hard to upgrade our systems across the board, restore everyone's access as quickly as possible, and ensure this never happens again. 

We are excited to introduce the all-new BrainTap app, providing an enhanced user experience while featuring all of the same great sessions you know and love! This newly released version features an improved user interface, expansive search, and improved account management experience, which we are confident you will love! This app will continue to be updated with new features, experiences, and sessions over the coming months and beyond. 

Our Team will send each BrainTap user two additional emails. The first will invite you to finalize the creation of your account on the new BrainTap app using the same email you currently log in to the BrainTap Pro App. The second will explain in further detail what you can expect from your new app experience. If you have received your invite but not the second email, it may be because you opted out of our emails. That same content is listed below. 

Rest assured, your personal data will remain private and secure as we migrate your account details to our new platform. Once you have completed your new account creation, you will receive a link to download the new app from the Google Play and Apple App Stores. 

Please note: This app has not been pushed as an update but requires downloading a new app. The BrainTap Pro App will no longer be available beginning today.

We thank you for your patience over the last few days as we worked to bring your BrainTap experience back online. We are committed to providing the best possible experience to our users, and we look forward to this exciting new chapter of BrainTap!

All the best,

The BrainTap Team 🧠

New App Changes and FAQ's

As we announced above, we are launching the new BrainTap App to replace the BrainTap Pro app. With this exciting update comes a few changes we want to ensure you are aware of. 

Log-In Details:

Your new account has been created under the same email you logged into the BrainTap Pro App with. The next email you receive will invite you to finalize your account by setting a new password. This will be your new account login moving forward. 

Account Information:

When you log in to our new system, you may notice some missing information in your account, including your subscription and payment details. These will continue to populate over the next few weeks as we finalize our secure data migration. In the meantime, if you need to change your subscription or payment details, please submit a support request here.


With this change also comes a change to our subscription model. We will now offer one level of customer subscription, “BrainTap Premium”, providing every subscriber access to our full catalog of sessions. If you currently subscribe to a different package, you will receive this unrestricted access at no extra cost. Thank you for being a loyal BrainTap supporter! 

* If you currently subscribe in-app via the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, Please fill out this form. You will receive additional instructions regarding your subscription.*

Professional Users:

Your subscription price and access will not change. 

Email or Password Updates:

Password can be completed in your account management portal at Email changes will be available in the same portal once migration is complete. 

App Content:

Once you are logged into the new app, as you navigate through the app, you may notice some missing session details, session photos, or individual sessions. These temporary errors will be fixed in the coming weeks as we finalize our migration.  


You may notice our website is currently undergoing maintenance. We will be back up and running as soon as possible with our updated site. 


If you have feedback, including bug reports, feature requests, or just general comments, we would love to hear from you! Click here to submit feedback!

As always, if you have any questions, please contact our support team here or by emailing!

Thank you very much for your patience as we navigate this migration!


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